I am Corey Mcgovern and welcome to Reincarnated Roadkill. I am a Charlotte based artist and former tattooer. After tattooing the living for 6 years and having leather work and other mediums as hobbies, I chose to focus solely on my passion in reincarnating the deceased. My experience as a tattoo artist enhanced my ability to create incredible wearable works of art and imagery to die for, as well as the artistic skill it takes to work with leather has further intensified my desire to create one of a kind pieces. All pieces are professionally handmade and personalized to your own artistic vision and I specialize in making any wearable items or accessories to order. You can say that if its dead, I’ll bring it to life as a unique piece of art.  Simply navigate to the email link and send me your ideas and I will provide individual pricing and shipping times. 


Thank you for visiting and I hope to work with you soon!


Corey McGovern