I am now accepting Christmas commissions. Please order atleast two weeks in advance to ensure arrival before Christmas. I already have a small wait and I anticipate more BUT the earlier the better for the both of us. You may go to my "Contact" section and send me your questions or concerns. I answer promptly!! Thank you so much !!! 

NOTE it is also important to let me know it is a surprise christmas present so I dont ruin surprise via social media!! thanks!

Starting my own business.

I wish  I had a manual for this... Then again nothing worth while comes easy,or that is what I try to keep telling myself. I created this cuff in the midst of having heavy emotions, life demons I suppose. Through this journey of creating my own business I have fallen over family issues, relationship struggles and sometimes there are doubts and questions if my dreams are going to work. Fudo Myo-o a Japanese Buddhist deity is "the immovable wisdom king."He converts anger into compassion and eliminates negative feelings and demons to liberate us from suffering through self control. Thankful for my struggles and the people who act selfishly. Not only have you fueled my inspiration but you help me appreciate those who are selfless. 


I spent the entire morning researching ways to make my business successful. Not just any leather business but the business of being an artist. I watched a few videos that were truly inspiring and id love to share them with you. I want not only my dreams to come true but others as well. It has also been a timeline of growth I would love to come back and revisit these posts. A reminder....setting and achieving goals...viewing the support I have now and hopefully what it will look like in the near future. You can now find me on Twitter @corey_rroadkill

T shirts coming soon!

So excited to announce that Pandemic Printworks is screen printing new shirts created by Andrew Black. Andrew is a fanastic tattooer and my sisters fiance' Steve the owner of Pandemic Printworks has also been a pleasure to work with. He has shown incredible customer service thus far and its really exciting getting to work with local artists to make my vision come true. SO THANKFUL AND SO EXCITED!!

Taking Risks

I started leather work in the midst of still establishing myself as a tattoo artist. Eventually through out my tattooing journey I landed at a wonderful shop where I had a constant flow of clients, a great group of employees but I still felt like I was missing something. One work day I sat down with the shop manager and we started making lists of different short term and long term goals we wanted to set for ourselves. It was definitely an eye opening and pivotal moment in my life and I believe for hers as well. She moved to Colorado!!!  and I decided I wanted to fully commit to doing leather work and start my own business. BOTH TERRIFYING!!! I knew it was and is going to be a lot of work, but I have always been so passionate about animals, art, people, really anything I am involved in I put my entire heart into. I think taking risks, no matter how scary the situation may be, is so so SO important. Stop making excuses, be prepared to fall and get back up numerous times, but if you want it bad enough....Take the leap. I am so glad I did.

 P.S. I love you and MISS YOU KATRINA &lt;3&nbsp;

P.S. I love you and MISS YOU KATRINA <3